Max (Otis)

Good Morning  Eileen,
We just wanted to give a little update on Max. He is now named Otis. He is loving his three new best friends. And they love him. Otis has settled in incredible well, he has a vet appointment on Saturday.
Otis is so sweet and just wants love. He includes everyone in our home.  I wanted to share with you when our children first met him our girls were ecstatic and so was our son however our little guy who’s only five started crying and we’re like what’s the matter we thought it was because the girls were walking Otis on the leash first. Well ,we come to find out that our little guy was crying because he thought that his sisters would not love him as much as they would love the puppy and they went over and they were trying to tell him that wasn’t true so he started crying harder as soon as he started crying harder and Otis had heard him he ran over to our son sat down on his feet and started licking him they were like instant friends Otis’ makea sure everyone is included in paying attention to him and he will let you know if you’re not he’s eating well he’s drinking he slept in his crate last night. He’s just doing wonderful thank you so much

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