Lulu and Selena July2015Here’s an update on our lives with Lulu. Lulu had her first vet checkup yesterday and passed with flying colors. She also received a nail trim and I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink (she did NOT like that!)
Today I administered her heartworm medication. So now she’s good to go.
The only problem is housebreaking. I have been taking her out in the backyard every hour with treats. But when I wake up in the morning there is a poop accident , so I am not able to catch her while she’s actually doing it. It’s a challenge I have to accept. Hopefully she and I will be able to work it out together.
Lulu is the sweetest angel. She has a great disposition and a delightful personality. She’s really attached to my other Chihuahua Selena. She follows Selena like a shadow. If Selena jumps on the sofa, Lulu does too. When Selena jumps down, so does Lulu. If Selena runs up the stairs, Lulu runs up after her.
We are very lucky to have Lulu. We love her dearly.
Lulu and Sophia July2015 (2)P.S. we are not renaming her. We like the name Lulu and she really does look like a Lulu

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