photoI wanted to thank you for the opportunity to adopt Gidget. She has become a very special part if our family and brings us so much joy!  I’m sharing a picture of our morning ritual.  She is such a sweet girl!

Please let us know if you need volunteers to walk any of your dogs. My daughter and I would love to help. I also have some items to donate – food bowls and such that were from my Labrador and Golden Retriever. They are way too big for Gidget.

Again, thank you.

Elizabeth Machado


IMAG1459IMAG1648IMAG1392Happy holidays! Just stopping by to give you an update on Reese!
Reese hasn’t grown much more in size (in the one picture she is photo’d with her best friend Suka who is an 11 week old pure bred huskie). She is about 28lbs and full of love. She is such a playful puppy and can play for hours! Only on long walks in the neighborhood(around the neighborhood dogs she isn’t familiar with) does she need a leash. Reese listens so well. We just picked her up yesterday from her first grooming appointment! We believe Reese has some border collie in her by the way her fur has grown in. Everyone even the vet compliments how shiny and soft she is. Reese is 100% up to date with shots, has been fixed, chipped and is hernia free! She is such a great puppy and Don and I cannot be happier with all the love and joy she has brought us!! She is a major hit with family and friends both human and other animals and a major hit with us. We once again cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and dedication you provide all these amazing animals and offer them the second chance they deserve! Cheers to a healthy and happy 2013!

<3 Don, Erica and Reese

Daisy (Kandy)

Hello dear Foster mom and family!

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Thank you for helping me with my journey and finding my new home!  I love it here!  They spoil me rotten and I’m the Queen of the house.  It seems as if I can do no wrong…..LOL….My brother Duke and I just love running in the back yard and now at this time of year there is a cover on the pool, which Duke was afraid to run on but I taught him that it is ok and its sort of like a trampoline!  Before he got on it, I would steal his toy and run onto the cover and then sneak up to him on the edge of the pool and drop the toy just out of his reach!!!  That lasted about 3 days!!!

My favorite spot in the house is either near the fire, nice and toasty or on John’s lap – I’m daddy’s little girl! But when Daddy leaves for work in the morning, I follow him out to his car to say bye and have a good day – I get a goodbye kiss and then go back to bed with mommy – I love to sleep late in the mornings!  The most comfy spot is either at the foot of the bed or up on the pillows!!  The only bad thing I have done since my moving here was to chew each and every corner of the brand new couches, but I got a stern no and now I’m not allowed on the back of the couches like you see me in the photo below (you’ve already seen that one)…I told you I’m spoiled!!!  At first I didn’t like car rides, I got sick a lot and would throw up, but now we’ve been going on little shorter ones and started to take longer ones and now I love the car rides!  We have one planned in early January to NC to visit my two human brothers!

I just wanted to make sure you are all ok and to let you know that I am fine and Dandy – matter of fact, I am now known as Daisy, not Kandy – I like my new name and come running when I’m called!  I’ve learned to sit, lay down and craw….and I just love love love to play with lots of toys!  Can’t wait for Santa to bring new ones!  My human grandmother passed away in August, right after I arrived here and she had tons of tennis balls in her house because she use to put them on her walker – now we have them and we like to chase after them and hide them in our beds!!!

I chew my paw-nails a lot – I don’t, nope, do not like dogacures (you humans call them manicures) but my nails grow so fast it’s something I have to do – yuck!
So, other than that – life is good – chasing cats, inside and out, playing with Duke and Maggie and OH! I got to hang out at my human cousins’ barn/arena when Mommy and Daddy went on Vacation in November and I ran and ran and ran!! I just ran under the horse jumps though!!!

So I hope this finds you and everyone Happy and Healthy!
with much love
Daisy (formerly known as Kandy)

ps.  Mom  and Dad renamed me and at first they didn’t like the name because it didn’t have a hard K sound, which mom has always heard a dog listens better if it does, but I like my new name……(the boys actually thought I should be renamed……)

Lucy (Britney)

20140104_120831It’s hard to believe we’ve had Lucy (formerly Britney) since April! After a couple of weeks with us, we realized she has a sensitive belly. So she gets her regular food supplemented with a batch of homemade chicken, brown rice & sweet potatoes. (Of course our dachshunds get the same mix, lucky them!) But it helps bind her a bit and today Lucy’s a good 50 lbs. Of all her toys, she likes the dachshunds best. We’re not sure that she has any Mastiff in her, but we’re definitely thinking Pit Bull. We wonder if her brothers, Banjo and Bubba, are any bigger. Regardless of her size, she is our crazy baby! I thought you might enjoy this picture of her in the snow. It was one of the few shots where she stood still long enough to be photographed. She LOVES the snow!

I hope all is well with you and wish you a happy, health 2014!

Kelly Stewart

Shelby (Candi)




Hi! I don’t know if your shelter does follow ups on the puppies or not, but I wanted to say thank you again for our beautiful puppy – now renamed Shelby. She is absolutely loving her new home and has definitely found her best friend!  I’ve attached a few photos of how happy she is!

Thank you again!
Joyce-Anne Schuster


image1image2image3I just want to thank you & show some pictures of the dog I adopted three years ago from your organization she’s a beagle/Dachshund mix I named her Holley and she is been very well behaved and a very loving dog. Shes been good since the night I brought her home and she is always spoiled whether it’s by myself or my friends and family. She went with me to a lot of flea markets this past summer and literally had hundreds and hundreds of people compliment and pet her.

Thanks again,
Jason R. Moffett


Chipper was one of our sanctuary dogs. Look at him now!


My husband George Cook and I adopted ‘Chipper’, a black lab/mix, in August.  He is doing well…and adjusting nicely to Philly life.

His vet gave him a clean bill of health!!<:))

I’ve attached a photo of Chipper and will send more updates…

Thank You!
Lorraine and George Cook
Philadelphia, PA.


scampHe is doing very well with his forever home, and we love him to death.


phoebephoebe2My husband and I love dogs but weren’t allowed to have one in the house we had been renting.  So, after 5 years,  we moved. I refused for weeks afterwards to go to any adoption events because I knew it would be too hard to choose just one puppy. So one day, about 6 weeks after we moved, my husband went to the Richboro Pet Valu and called me to say that he had found her, the one, the perfect dog for us.  I drove to the store to meet them and it was love at first sight! From the day we brought her home, she has been the most amazing dog I’ve ever known. She is unbelievably friendly (to people and animals alike), she is smart, she is polite (haha), she is patient,  and she is very loving. Phoebe has changed our lives for the better and, aside from my husband,  there is nothing else in this world I love so completely and unconditionally as my Phoebe. Thank you for saving her life,  thank you for taking care of her and keeping her healthy, thank you for keeping her with an excellent foster family, and thank you for the greatest gift I’ve ever received! She was about 4 months old when we adopted her so she is about 2 1/2 now and I still whisper in her ear every day how thankful I am that she is my dog.  I can’t even begin to convey the joy and happiness she brings us every day. I’ve included some pictures so you can see how happy and loved she is. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Ellen (Ginger Pup)

ellenIMG_20141028_104240646Latest picture of ginger pup #5, now Ellen, with her best bud Joe. He aso is a rescue and takes very good care of her. He is 4 yrs old.
They are wonderful together.
Thank you again.