dukeduke2duke3Hope all is well! I just wanted to send you and Love to Live a little update on Duke. He is a little over 6 months old, weighs about 45lbs, neutered, and doing wonderfully! We have continuously worked to put him into different situations to get his fear levels down. He LOVES other dogs and is great with people once he sniffs around a bit. Duke is very intelligent and has mastered almost every command. We’ve worked really hard to get him to play well and never even play-bite a human. We can snuggle him against his will at any time and he will never put his mouth on us, lol! We take him for walks and runs daily and he gets to play with my friend’s huge Rhodesian Ridgeback (his best friend) at least once a week.

Duke is a wonderful dog and we are very happy to have him in our lives!

I’ve attached some pictures below. Again, I hope a is well and that the rescue is doing great!

– Cara

Lacey (Summer)

Hi Joy,

Just dropping you a line to bring you up to date on Lacey(Summer). She has been having the time of her life as well as us. She has adapted so well, and my daughter is over every day checking up on her. She has fell in love with her and uses and excuse to come over at all hours to be with her. I have included some pictures, and as soon as I figure how to do videos I am going to send you a video of her climbing up the slide and then sliding down. She is having such a great time.

Diane and I send you our love and God bless you all.

Diane & Tony

Hunny (Carlie)

0701091608_03Hi Joy,

I just thought you’d like to see some recent pictures of Hunny ( Carlie) .  We adopted her in March of this year and she is doing super!! As you can see, she is the queen of her patio.

Hope all is well.

Bev MacPhee


Dear Love to Live Rescue,
Thanks for rescuing Dolly & other animals. Dolly is a very sweet girl & I named her Pearl. My family & friends love her & she has become a darling of everyone. I’m house training her as she had few pipi accidents.  She eats homemade fresh food & likes treats now. She likes the house & her daily walks. I’ll post her pics on FB soon.

You are doing a great & noble work by helping animals in need. God bless you.

With love,
Dolly & Venus


God Bless you Mickey,

I will send you some pictures and info but GOD sent us an angel. Diane cries when she looks at her. She is so precious. We are soooo in love with this angel.
There are no words to express our appreciation to you and Joy for the gift you have given us both.

Diane & Tony.


photo(2)photo(3)Hi Joy,

Hope this is still your email.  I was going through old emails and found ones between you and I about Lucy and wanted to drop you a line.  I’m sure you have dealt with many many dogs since, but hope you remember her.

She has been an amazing part of the family and has encouraged many people that rescues are the way to go when getting a dog!  She’s a perfect dog.

She is quite the lady of the house and makes us soooo happy!  Farley (the white JRT in the pic) loves her as if they grew up together! Attached are some pics!

Thank you thank you again!


Buddy (Ziggy)

Just a quick note to let you know how “Buddy” (now “Ziggy”) is doing!

Buddy/Ziggy is a year old dachshund mix who adopted me a month ago at Rosedale Mills on Friday, Jan. 17. He captured my heart the moment I walked in the room! He looked so much like our beloved Skippy who had recently died … but he clearly had his own charming and loving personality! As the volunteer slipped him into my arms, he put his soft brown head against my chest, and I knew he was meant to be our dog. <3

He just as quickly charmed the whole family. Bouncy and energetic, yet sweet and loving, he has fit perfectly into our home and hearts from the first day. He loves everyone he meets. He has learned how to play with toys (at first they baffled him); and I’ll never forget his first forays into the snow! At first he was unsure about it and quickly came back in the house. But soon he was eating it and running in it like he’d been born for winter!

He’s a very good boy; eager to please, and quickly learns what is expected of him. He and the cat are gradually making peace with one another. And our old, blind chihuahua has gotten used to being jumped on and bumped into by his rambunctious new brother. And when Grito goes into the yard and gets a little “lost” on his way back to the house, Ziggy runs out and guides him back! Sometimes he runs in circles around him, like a sheepdog herding wayward sheep! He’s a guide dog for the blind … 🙂

He is such a pleasure and brings such joy and happiness to our home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Emmanuelle Rosenthal — (Ziggy’s Mom)


Just letting you know that Bourbon (the choc. lab mix ) dog that we adopted in December is just the most wonderful dog!  He is such a good boy and he loves our other dog Barney and our kids and he is really enjoying his new home.  Thank you so much!
Joanne Parker


IMG-20140103-00621Beau in his bed next to the fireplace in our rv down south. he loves “soft stuff” (fleece, pillows, rug, towels), and a warm fireplace or heater. But loves to run…. Cory, Jo, and Christy