belleHey its John, I adopted her on Saturday. We named her Belle – she had her vet visit last Monday and all is well . She is adjusting great – she’s such a mush . Just wanted to thank you for what you do Its wonderful .

Gorge and Brandy

gorgeandbrandygood morning, I just wanted to let you know that the dogs are getting along awesome. We ended up named the Aussy Shepard Gorge, and the Golden, Brandy… my Mother’s idea.

They love to play around the house and chase each other around the back yard. I cant wait to open up the pool and see how much they like the water. There both eating well and the puppy is learning to walk on a leash very well. Brandy as you know is very well mattered. Both of them sleep in my room at night and i’ve already lost a pair of shoes but that’s ok I learned fast to put all my stuff in my closet now.

p.s. I’ve included a picture of them laying around while we where eating diner.


mollieOur Mollie Girl after her SPA day with Denise, she is just so precious!! I can’t tell you enough, how much we love her!!!

Rottie Mix Puppy

rottiemixWell he is adjusting well to life. He met his brothers last night (sunday) for the first time, and chased them around the back yard, and posed for some pictures (attached)
Thanks again.

Golden Gang!

goldengangGood afternoon Jo Ann:
It was a pleasure meeting you last week. Thank you very much for all your amazing work in saving the lives of animals, and for bringing a wonderful puppy into the lives of me and my boyfriend. We adopted a member of the Golden Gang last week that appears to be a Golden Retriever and German Shepard mix, and we could not be happier with her. We have had our off moments, as she regularly tries to bite our shoes and us, but her golden coat matches her golden heart and she and her puppy kisses are more precious to us than I can express.


This is Lisa Ferdman. I adopted a Black Female Lab in November from you. I just wanted to let you know that She is doing wonderful!! She is growing, she is a great girl and is already trained (well 90%) but we love her!! She is up to date with shots and is going to get fixed second week in May. I just wanted let you know and also to send you a couple pictures of our KAYLA!!!
Lisa F


ruckussHi Jo Ann & Joy,
Just wanted to let you know we are so greatful to have found Ruckuss & your Adoption center. Ruckuss is settling in nicely and hasnt had any problems, he is even finding the wee wee pads without a problem. We have a vets appt for him on Tuesday to go over his wellness and set up a wellness plan and his Neutering. Thanks again for being the front line to saving these Dogs, will keep in touch and let you know how Ruckuss is doing.  Thanks – Roy