Chloe (Tip)

We are thrilled to welcome Chloe (Tip), one of your dogs from the Georgia Animal Rescue, into our pack! Everyone that we have talked to has been so helpful and supportive through her adoption! Especially Eileen!

Chloe has been with us for only 3 weeks and has immediately bonded with our other dogs! Chloe, Mocha and Tank are enjoying the summer days and have become the beat of friends! Chloe loves going on nightly walks and is slowly being introduced to the dog park! She is super loving and can already sit on command! We love her!! Thanks again!


Hope you are doing great!!
Here are a few pictures of Rosie in fire Island. I took her there recently and she loved playing ball on the beach and enjoying running free. Her summer weekends will be spent here as well as a country home in Pennsylvania and my family home in Westchester. Rosie is the love of my life and  I will make sure she has the most wonderful life possible!!!