MAY25,2015CHIPCACTUSYARD 569Happy June!!

Chipper has settled in beautifully and is LOVING his home.

I am attaching a photo of Chipper’s backyard and Chipper enjoying the sun room (his favorite room)..

I can’t thank you enough for the gift of Chipper!

Enjoy The Summer!!



Jelly Bean (Georgia)

We have renamed her Georgia, and she is doing fine.  The big city is a big adjustment but she is managing very well and has adapted remarkably over the one day here.  Working on house training, taking her to the vet on Friday (hopefully) to get her on their roster and for a general check up, she scratches her ear an awful lot, doesn’t look like ear mites as her ears are clean, but worth having a vet look into it.  She walks on the lead very well.  She doesn’t handle being alone well, as we tried just going in the hallway to see how she’d react and she started barking loudly… but to be expected as she has only been her for a day LOL… she’s a great pup and we head to the Hamptons on Saturday, as we do every week from Saturday thru Monday where she’ll have a pool and fresh grass to romp around on (fenced in of course).  I look forward to working with her and am sure she’ll learn quickly.  I’ll send pics.

All the best and thank you adding such a joy to our lives,

Michael Lyons Wier

This is an image of Georgia getting ready for her first gallery opening, making friends in dog run and at rest in the gallery.

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