20150318_22425720150320_165238Here’s a few pictures of our little guy.  We named him Shea.  He enjoyed his first snow fall here in Staten Island today.  He has all of his vaccines so we were able to walk to the park to run around and enjoy it.  He was hilarious to watch jumping around and eating the fresh snow.
He’s also doing so well housebreaking.  He’s beeen going outside for pee and poop with no accidents (fingers crossed) for the past few days.
Again, I can’t express the amount of happiness Shea has brought to my fiancée and I.  He was definitely worth the wait!  I plan on telling friends and family interested in getting a dog to adopt a rescue.

Thank you again

Belle (Trudy Wiggle Bottom)

belle2belle1Hi, I adopted Belle, ( Trudy Wiggle bottom when you had her.), about 3 years ago. She’s pure joy, enthusiasm and kindness.
Just wanted you to see that she is having a good life. Take care.
Jeff LeCompte