Bilbo Baggins

His new name is Mr. Bilbo Baggins. He is a total love. He is easily distracted from chewing, and loves his toys. He sleeps with me, and wakes when I do; sleeps when I do. I call that a real benefit in a baby.
He scratches quite a bit, but there are no fleas on him. We rinsed him, to no effect. I suspect he did have fleas at one point, and now is having phantom itching, like with amputees having phantom pain.
Other than that, he is scary smart. He was housebroken in two days, and now is learning the doggie door. (He knows how to come in, but hasn’t figured that it is also for going out.
Aside from all this, he is bringing joy to poor Boo, the scared scared Corgi mix we had adopted a few months ago. I never thought I would see him romp, but he can’t resist the pup, and apparently the pup has also convinced him that I am not so bad after all.
So, you can call this one a success.

Best wishes,


image1Dodi is having fun with his new family and house and his big brother (Dozer) is taking care of him too. He went for his first visit to the vet today and got a shot and his nails trimmed.

Thanks he loves it and is sleeping all night.

Sincerely ,



petey1Hello!  I just wanted to send you pictures of Petey at a year old. According to the paper work, he was a year on December 9th. Things are great now, Teddy and him are getting along so well now. They play with each other and chase each other through the house. He still gets scare when he is outside and the neighbors make a noise, but I make him stay out until he goes to the bathroom, so we are working on him with that and he only goes so far for his walk. I hope your Thanksgiving was great. If I don’t get to talk to you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!


Jagger 6 months oldJagger at 3 months oldI adopted Jagger from Live to Love in NJ
He is so precious and loveable  He is now 6 months old and has adapted so well to our family.
I thought I would send you some pictures of him.
He is bringing so much joy to our family and I wanted to thank you for allowing him to be adopted through Live to Love.
Thank you Again
Linda McNear
Saylorsburg  Pa


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are that Misty(6851891) is part of our family.  Hard to believe it’s her 8th day here, she is perfect, well behaved and lots of fun.    Thank you again. Roni DeCesare


photo 4photo 2This sweet girl shows just how happy she is in all these pics. Her name is Mattie now.
Thank you


Just wanted to let you know that Penny ( we kept the name )is doing great she rules the house,sleept all the way home , meet her sisters one by one Ginger was very happy, scruffy not so much , she owns her daddy and wont share..well she shares now , most of all, my sons dog came over, she stays a lot when he works late, penny went crazy when she saw Coco, they played so much the other dogs got involved too. she stayed in the kitchen with the other dogs in her own bed  from the first night not a pip out of her no crying (I was a little worried the foster said she screams when she cant see you) she did scream the first day during the day but we already taught her not to, she know we are coming back and she are not alone ,the other 2 dogs are there ,she loves the big big stuffed toys Cocos of cause she cleans out the stuffing real fast wow such a little dog and so brutal lol lol .she is so sweet and loving little girl ,must say she is not to happy about going out at night,so we have an accident once in a while,but that’s no big whoop.  I want thank you again for letting us adopt her we just love .lena danley

Selma (Brandy)

Hello good people:

I just wanted to update you on Selma, now known as Brandy.  She had her first visit with our vet yesterday and our vet said she looks good and you can tell she had been well socialized as she was happy and playful even in the vet’s office!
Brandy is a wonderful pup and is learning fast.  She is not quite as shy walking on a leash although she still spooks at every little noise and has not yet learned what is ok and what is not.  She loves our walks around the lake in our community, too.
Thank you for your good work.
Love from Brandy and Lorraine Phinney


dukeduke2duke3Hope all is well! I just wanted to send you and Love to Live a little update on Duke. He is a little over 6 months old, weighs about 45lbs, neutered, and doing wonderfully! We have continuously worked to put him into different situations to get his fear levels down. He LOVES other dogs and is great with people once he sniffs around a bit. Duke is very intelligent and has mastered almost every command. We’ve worked really hard to get him to play well and never even play-bite a human. We can snuggle him against his will at any time and he will never put his mouth on us, lol! We take him for walks and runs daily and he gets to play with my friend’s huge Rhodesian Ridgeback (his best friend) at least once a week.

Duke is a wonderful dog and we are very happy to have him in our lives!

I’ve attached some pictures below. Again, I hope a is well and that the rescue is doing great!

– Cara

Lacey (Summer)

Hi Joy,

Just dropping you a line to bring you up to date on Lacey(Summer). She has been having the time of her life as well as us. She has adapted so well, and my daughter is over every day checking up on her. She has fell in love with her and uses and excuse to come over at all hours to be with her. I have included some pictures, and as soon as I figure how to do videos I am going to send you a video of her climbing up the slide and then sliding down. She is having such a great time.

Diane and I send you our love and God bless you all.

Diane & Tony